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  As parents, we all strive to give our children the best possible foundations for the future. I am also such a parent. But the question is that – how can I achieve this? When I considered this question, in this globalized world it is hard to believe that it will still be possible to get around without very strong English skills. However, after having looked in vain for a school which could provide my child with a strong English foundation – I decided to open my own school 7 years ago.

  Our school welcomes students from 2 years of age up to junior high school age. We use a listening-based approach for younger students that uses their curiosity to pick up new phrases. With our method, students reach junior high school level of English while they’re still in Elementary School, and possess the skills necessary to pass any university entrance exam in English while still in junior high school. Being this far ahead of their peers, our students feel very confident in themselves and their abilities.

  Instead of focusing on memorization and other unnatural skills only usable for exams, we have a curriculum that fosters children’s curiosity and makes them think “why is...?”, “What is...?” when they are learning English. With this approach, we stimulate the students’ motivation so they naturally keep searching for answers by themselves, and develop their imagination and logical thinking skills.

  We also have study abroad programs where the students can get a chance to improve their output skills even more. Furthermore, with their excellent English skills, and our partner-schools abroad, it is possible to enter a school overseas and pursue top-class universities from all over the world.

  Whatever your child wants to do in the future, it is our firm belief that they will have many more options all over the world.