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2019 7/22~8/30

Learn English with various games, arts, and activities!

① Immerse yourself in English  Learn English in a fun way with foreign teachers.

② Single-day enrollment available  One-day enrollment is accepted for both current students & new applicants.

➂ No enrollment and materials fee Free enrollment and materials.

④ Time extension available  Time extension is available for both Half-day & Full-day courses.

This is an English Page

​WEEK1 7/22~26 [DiNOSAURS]

We are going 65 million years back in time to explore the world of DINOSAURS!


Let us learn how they lived and caused their extinction, come and join us for this adventure.

​WEEK2 7/29~8/2 [RARE ANIMALS]

The world is teeming with animal life; some are so few in the wild that they are considered as rare species.  


Be a young wildlife conservationist and spread awareness on how we can save these remarkable animals.

​WEEK3 8/5~9 [Around the world]

There are 7 continents and 195 countries around the world.


We will learn different cultures and traditions from different parts of the globe so ready your passport for a grand holiday.

​WEEK4 8/19~23 [UNDER THE SEA]

Our Earth is also known as the Blue Planet, its oceans are vast and deep covering 70 % of its surface.


The ocean still holds many secrets so grab your diving gear and prepare for an under the sea exploration. 


Get ready to raid your kitchens and make some simple science experiments.  


Let’s make some colourful play doughs or slippery non-toxic slime together with our friends. 




*(weekends and school holidays [Aug 11th~ Aug 16th] are closed)


  • Full-day 9:30~18:00(8hrs 30mins)
    -Activities + English lesson

  • Half-day 9:30~13:30(4hrs)


3 years old or above​


Enrollment Fees

1 day



​5 days ※Only one-week application is accepted



☆Time extension

(8:30~9:30) ¥1000 per 30 mins

(18:00~20:00) ¥750 per 30 mins

☆Lunch ¥650 per day

☆Snacks ¥250 per day

​※All listed prices are tax excluded.

​※Time extension fee will be charged in accordance with the time extension you have requested.


Family Discount …10% off for the second child

Introductory Discount…5% off for both introducer and new applicant

※Only one discount can be applied at a time.

●What to bring? 

Half day…Lunch, Water bottle

Full day…Lunch, Water bottle, Snack

(School Lunch and Snack options are available

●Cancellation & Refund Policy

2 weeks before the event:Full refund

1 week before the event:50% of enrollment fees

Cancellation less than a week:Non refundable

(A refund processing fee of¥1000 will be charged for each refund processed.)

※Application will be completed when a successful payment has been received.

※Enrollment will be closed once the maximum number of students have been reached.