Winter School  


Learn about Winter in English with various games, arts, and activities!

① Immerse yourself in English  Learn English in a fun way with foreign teachers.

Single-day enrollment available  One-day enrollment is accepted for both current students & new applicants.

③ Time extension available  Time extension is available for both Half-day & Full-day courses.

​Daily theme

​Day 1

​12/25 TUE.


The cute penguins are marching in! Let's learn how they adapt to the harsh cold environment of the Antarctic.

Day 2

​12/26 WED.

Ice Age

Get ready to go back in time when large mammals walk the earth.Pick up your winter coat because we are going back to the last Ice Age.

Day 3

​12/27 THU.

Animal Winter Survival

Now you see me,now you don't .Some animals survive the winter month by blending in their snow covered surroundings.

fox-min (1).jpg
Day 4

​12/28 FRI.

Winter Sky

Nights are longer in some parts of the world.Let's get our hands dirty and make our own stained glass lamp to light up our room.

Day 5

​1/7 MON.

Chinese New Year

In ancients Chine the Nian Beast is the symbol of fear while the

Chinese Dragon is the symbol of good fortune and power.


8:00~    Can extend the time





  • Full-day 9:30~18:00(8hrs 30mins)
    -Activities + English lesson

  • Half-day 9:30~13:30(4hrs)


3 years old or above


Enrollment Fees

1 day

Full Day…¥15,000

Half Day…¥8,000


5 days

Full Day…¥67,000

Half Day…¥35,000


☆Time extension ¥750 per 30 mins

☆Lunch ¥650 per day

☆Snacks ¥250 per day

※All listed prices are tax excluded.



Family Discount …10% off for the second child

Introductory Discount…5% off for both introducer and new applicant

※Only one discount can be applied at a time.

●What to bring? 

Half day…Lunch, Water bottle

Full day…Lunch, Water bottle, Snack

(School Lunch and Snack options are available

●Cancellation & Refund Policy

2 weeks before the event:Full refund

1 week before the event:50% of enrollment fees

Cancellation less than a week:Non refundable

(A refund processing fee of¥1000 will be charged for each refund processed.)

※Application will be completed when a successful payment has been received.

※Enrollment will be closed once the maximum number of students have been reached.


​Half Day / Full Day 

  8:00 ~    Time extension OK

  9:00       Circle time

10:00       Activity 1

11:20       Lunch time

12:00       Activity 2

13:00       Circle time

13:30       Half Day pick-up

​Full Day 

~15:00     Free time

15:00       Regular lesson

16:00       Snack time

16:30       Regular lesson

18:00       Full Day pick-up

~20:00     Time extension OK

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Apply by phone and e-mail are also available